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On Saturday May 25, 2013 the “I Talk to Strangers” movement is having a miracle run/ walk. 8:00 am at Cocoa Riverside Park (401 Riveredge blvd, Cocoa, FL). Space Girl Organics is helping sponsor the event and we need your help! We are putting together a team of runners/ walkers. Here are more specifics.

1. What is the “I Talk to Strangers Movement?”

I TALK TO STRANGERS (ITTS) is a social movement with the mission to bring the world together one conversation at a time. The purpose of the ITTS Foundation is to support the mission of the movement by creating events and partnerships with organizations that promote enriching dialogue and positive collaborations among strangers.We are on a mission to merge groups – political, ethnic, racial, religious, rich, poor, gay, straight in a effort to bring more peace, understanding, and collaboration among each other.

2. What is the miracle run?

Strangers around Brevard County are gaining the true sense of community to rally around their own. This run is to raise money to help “create miracles” in our own community. Following the run there will be a free community buffet breakfast and raffles. Funds will be given to the families (selected through Milesoflove,org).

3. How is Space Girl Organics involved?

We will be doing a few things. We will be putting a team of runners together, donating produce for the free community breakfast and handing out bananas to the runners. After the event we will be donating one lb of produce per race entrant to those in need. Our goal is to have one ton of produce to give away so get your shoes laced up and get to moving!!! 🙂

4. Why we believe in this cause?

I have always felt that all of us, together, can do great things for our community and our world. The first step is to recognize we are all bound by the common thread of humanity. If we simply took the time to talk to each other without judgement, with the hope of learning more about each other we might find we have more in common with each other than we think. It has always been a hope of mine that the food I deliver to your home will be a vessel for conversation in your house. That you will find a topic of conversation for the dinner table with your own family, your neighbors and friends. Strangers are often times friends you have yet to meet.

5. How you can be involved.

– walk, run, trot… the event. Email us if you are wanting to participate and we will get you on the Space Girl Team. I am trying to get t-shirts made so please send him your shirt size as well.


Keep being fabulous everyone!





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